Verizon Plan Updates

In order to maintain our relationship with the Arizona Police Association and keep our Verizon Cellular contract, Local 2544 will now be requiring members to be completely current with their cell phone accounts. We will no longer allow for delinquent accounts past 31 days. After 31 days of a past due balance Verizon sends a message to the user to make a payment to avoid interruption of service. While they only require a minimum payment to keep the account open, we will require full payment of any money owed. If any portion of the balance is not paid the user will no longer be allowed to participate in the program, they will be immediately removed and their account terminated.  Please also ensure if you have an automatic monthly credit card withdrawal that you are aware of the expiration date so no payments are missed.

In addition, any and all applications to this plan must be approved by L2544 Treasurer, S. Covino. Any application sent directly to the APA will discarded.

Verizon Program Agreement Local 2544

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NBP Verizon Contract New Members

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