No End In Sight

As of this morning, the so-called “shut down” continues unabated. As the politicians who created this mess continue to blame each other we are going to start missing pay checks out here in the real world. Politicians are mostly elitist millionaires, so they really don’t have much to worry about. Our next pay check will be a partial (paid through September 30th). After that, there will be no more pay checks until this is cleaned up, and right now there is nothing out there that looks promising. We advise that you take every precaution, apply for unemployment insurance, lengthen any TSP loans you may have and warn your lenders that they may not get paid this month or next. Don’t expect much sympathy from your lenders, they really don’t care about anything except $$$.

Anything can happen, and this could be cleaned up today, but here is the latest:

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