Border Patrol Agents Impeded – No Charges Brought

"I hate Border Patrol agents too, fellas. Your legalization papers are coming soon."

“I hate Border Patrol agents too, fellas. Your legalization papers are coming soon.”

Apparently 18 USC 111 still only applies if an agent sustains serious injuries. How many times has the AUSA asked “How badly is the agent injured?” when presented with a case of impeding or assault on a federal officer? No serious injury sustained by an agent almost always = no prosecution. That has been a running joke for many years (along with the ridiculous threshold amounts of dope to trigger a prosecution). So when dozens of “protesters” impede, resist and otherwise interfere with Border Patrol agents and the carrying out of our duties, what happens? Nothing. They get a little pepper spray, they act like they have pulled off some heroic deed, they are attended to by the fire department, they get their picture in the paper and they walk away with no citations and no criminal charges. And does that encourage further lawlessness and put us in a bad position as we try to do our job? Absolutely. It emboldens these types of people and puts us in danger. Impeding law enforcement should be a serious no-no. Protest some other way, but not by interfering with an active enforcement operation and creating a dangerous atmosphere where someone could be badly injured or killed. Why weren’t these people arrested and charged?

Another truly despicable example of agents being handcuffed, having to fear doing our jobs and having nobody standing in the gap to help protect us from the illegal alien cheerleaders and the anarchists. Shameful.

Since these “protesters” can be easily identified, charges should be filed on them as soon as possible.

You can read a story about these heroic “protesters” here.

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