Continual Crises

July 18th, 2014

For the past several weeks, Local 2544 has ben inundated with media requests on comments about the on-going border crises. The media has begun to realize that for the past several years members of DHS, CBP and Border Patrol have lulled the American Public into a false sense of security with little catch phrases and buzz words.

The truth of matter is this; High Level managers within DHS, CBP and Border Patrol, in order to promote or secure their titles and positions, have created a climate within the Border Patrol where border security is the last priority. For years, we have written about and given examples of managers of at all levels making bad decisions. Since 2007, DHS political appointees have been in the news and given testimony to Congress about how secure the border is.  They have droned on and on about all the improvements that have been made in regards to Border Security; they show UAVs, modern radar trucks, new fencing and operation rooms with multiple televisions and fancy maps . But it was shame with no substance behind it. Now their lies and kingdoms are falling apart and we have yet to hear or see any of these political appointees talk preach about how secure we are. But it is just not this current administration or current regime in the Border Patrol. Since IRCA of 86, Border Patrol managers have always walked the company line and said what they were told to say. They have continually misrepresented facts of what was really going on the border to appease whatever administration was in Washington.

South Texas is a great example of these lies and propaganda; a influx of illegal began crossing two years ago and not one Agency in DHS did anything. Now we are at a boiling point and again DHS has become “reactionary”. Our own Secretary has made a few statements on what is going on and looking the open DHS website, clearly they didn’t begin taking notice of this situation till late June, when they began making daily updates.

How many times have we seen a “Press Release” talking about an employee running a marathon, winning a drill competition or being promoted. But where are the “Press Release” on Agents facing and undaunting task of securing the border when ICE is releasing thousands of illegals with a “promise to report”? Where are all those employees in a “Public Affairs” office writing about possible Cartel Members exploiting this crises to push more gang members illegally into the United States? Only three years ago, the Border Patrol was so proud and produced daily arrest numbers but where are those press releases now?

Just recently, Deputy Chief of the Border Patrol R. Colburn (ret) has came out and stated that all the security that was put in place since 9/11 has been undone. Really? Please Mr. Colburn tell us about all this security that was put in place; was it all the Agents or new vehicles, because beyond that… there is NOTHING.  You were the Deputy Chief of the Patrol and during that time we cannot think of one true enforcement measure that was put in place that actually made the border safer. If anything, Mr. Colburn help create a bloated bureaucracy  that promoted unknowledgeable managers and drove morale into the ground. For the truth to be told, Mr. Colburn is one of the many managers who diligently worked to restrict Agents ability to do their job by limiting where Border Patrol Agents could enforce Immigration Law. He whole heartedly supported putting Agents up against the border and not allow them to work groups further north. Please Mr. Colburn tell us why you weren’t so vehement on getting this information out before? Why now? Because you are retired and you now feel it is your patriotic duty to speak out. Sorry Mr. Colburn, we already have Union Leaders doing what you failed to do in your illustrious career.

At some point the American Citizen is going to have to read past the headlines and focus on real issues that are not dictated by a 24 hour new channel. We are going to have to ignore international rhetoric and focus on ourselves and our own security.

But we will wait for another retired Chief to champion the charge against immigration and talk about how he gallantly served his country and wouldn’t allow this to have happen. And we will be glad to remind them how hypocritical they are when their whole career was being a “Yes Man” was.

Membership Notification

July 11th, 2014
In past months we have been contacted by DOL and AFGE in regards to current membership address.
We are encouraging all our members to go the AFGE webpage and create an account and update their current address.

Obama’s Border Patrol

July 8th, 2014



Mex. military helicopter shoots at Border Patrol Agents

June 28th, 2014

thMilitary incursions and questionable actions by representatives of the Mexican Government is a common occurrence for Border Patrol Agents. But this is not the first time that some outlandish action has happened. In March 2000, Mexican HUMVEES crossed illegally into the United States and chased and shot several rounds at Border Patrol Agents on horseback for several miles within the United States. In 2002, Mexican Army units, shot up a Border Patrol vehicle in Ajo, AZ. There have been so many other instances of military incursions by Mexico we wouldn’t be able to document them here. But why does this go so un-noticed?

The bigger and more important question is: How was this information put out to Border Patrol Agents on the ground? Was information put on all frequencies so Agents near and around the area could be on alert? What manager on scene decided not publicly broadcast the incident? Can you imagine if a regular Agent decided not to broadcast such an incident? Perhaps we have promoted so quickly and grown so large that not enough training is given to our members of management. Perhaps some do not want to make any decisions?
This time, they have endangered our Agents and this cannot stand! To often we see Managers pass the buck even amongst themselves at times going around in circles without a direct answer to agents.
What excuse will Mexico have for this one and what station manager will be promoted to a sector spot on this one?
Lets see how long it takes for the Service to offer a clear response to many questions, let alone for Mexico to offer any type of explanation aside from OOPS we’re sorry.


Pay Reform moves forward

June 27th, 2014

The Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act has passed another critical step and continues to move through Congress. We are hoping with the limited amount of days left for Congress to work we can get up for vote.


Getting the truth out

June 17th, 2014

As Agents are forced to read policy that they won’t take pictures of illegal aliens and now we are hearing that some member of management telling his Agents not to speak to the press, we have to ask — WHY? What are they afraid of? Are they afraid that their archaic enforcement operations have failed, that their story of “Secured Border” was a lie, that they wasted millions of dollars on programs and technology that didn’t work, and that they are more interested in preserving their title and position than they are protecting the American Public would get out.

The Border Patrol is not equipped to handle long term housing of any person, much less juveniles and the Immigration policies of this country have failed and we are forced not to do our job by political appointees.  Why wouldn’t any high ranking Border Patrol manager just come out and say it? Is really that hard? If you just came out and said it you wouldn’t have to worry about Agents taking pictures or talking to the press.

If you won’t… we will! We will continue to press our issues every time, will continue to expose the lies DHS has forced upon the American people, will continue to highlight the failures of ICE not doing their job!

Pres Del Cueto on PBS (here)

Del Cueto visits Nogalas (here)

Pres. Del Cueto on O’Reilly Factor

June 17th, 2014


As more and more children on being dumped on America’s front door and the Border Patrol pulls more Agents off the border to be Day Care workers we are learning of the ridiculous claims by self proclaimed watch dog groups of Agents abusing these children. So we guess all the Consulate representatives, from other countries, that are present in these processing centers must be lying when they commend the Agents on doing such a good job in caring for the juveniles. But with so very few people who have access to these holding facilities, it makes you wonder how a group that has not been there can make so outrageous comments?

This has to be one of the biggest failures in the short history of DHS. But why is all the focus on the Border Patrol? Where is ICE? What have they done? Can ICE tell us where are all the Bus Depot drop offs are or where did they go? Can ICE tell us how many of these children and or their families have contacted them to start deportation proceedings? We know they are now shipping detainees all the way to Massachusetts and putting some on military bases but pass that, what has ICE really done.? You would think they would try to ensure the American Public that they are on working to help the Border Patrol but what is the first story on their public website “News report on Child Exploitation Unit earns Emmy”. Thank you for that info, we were very afraid they would only get a “Tony”. Of course what would you expect, their jet setting Secretary cant wait to schedule more overseas trips on tax payer dime making us play “Where’s Winkowski” every day. Maybe DHS could do another “ViewPoint survey” and tell us more about someone’s first 100 days in office.

The general public acts surprised to learn that there are groups and organizations that are actually encouraging people to send their children the US and enter illegally. This is something that every Border Patrol Agent has know since his/her first day on the job.

Once again, the Union has to give the un-scripted truth on the realties that we face everyday.

See video HERE


Official Notice for Special Meeting

June 16th, 2014

At the last General Membership meeting, a motion was made and passed to suspend normal business and allow NBPC Representatives to present updates on Pay Reform. Due to that, the presentation of the recommended changes to the By-Laws was postponed.

A Special Meeting will be held on June 24, at 6:00 pm at the Union Office.

This meeting is not to vote on the changes but to hear the presentation of recommended changes from the By-Laws Committee.

Did you make the meeting?

June 12th, 2014

Local 2544 had it’s third satellite meeting in Casa Grande last night. It was attended by Local Exec. Board members and National Council Members.

A unanimous vote was made to suspend regular business to allow the attending National Officers to speak.

NBPC President Brandon Judd  gave an in-depth review of the Pay reform, how we got where we are at now and the current conditions of the administration of AUO at various other stations.

NBPC VP Shawn Moran gave a brief overview of putting our concerns in the media.

This is the third such meeting, in which a full brief of Pay Reform was given, that Local 2544 has had, not counting the 5 general membership meeting where Pay Reform was discussed.

Nat. Exec. Board Members to attend meeting

June 10th, 2014

NBPC President Brandon Judd,  NBPC VP Shawn Moran and others will be attending the Local 2544 meeting in Casa Grande on June 11.

Our own NBPC VP and President Art Del Cueto  will conduct the general membership meeting before opening the floor to members to voice their concerns and questions on issues.

We want as many Agents as possible to attend this meeting.