Candidate Endorsements

December 10th, 2015

imageAFGE Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Local 2544 had no input and no notification that AFGE was going to endorse Hillary Clinton. We have long disagreed with many things that AFGE does. However, even though we are the largest local in District 12 we hold very little sway with AFGE at a national level because our numbers aren’t big enough. We have historically used AFGE for next to nothing as far as running this local. We have our own attorneys, we do our own rep work, we finance our own operations and we are very well run and independent. We have largely just tolerated AFGE and their shenanigans because we have to and we have always realized that they are out of touch with most Border Patrol agents. They simply have never really cared. AFGE is mostly run by members from the VA, SSA and DoD. They are not a true “law enforcement” union. They have marched with our enemies and supported those we arrest with callousness and disregard for what we do for a living. We have often found it disgraceful and we have told them so.

All of the above is no different when it comes to endorsing a presidential candidate. We are fully aware that very few Border Patrol agents would vote for Hillary Clinton and we do not support this endorsement. AFGE didn’t ask us. They do what they want.

We welcome your comments and we will pass every one of them on to AFGE. We also encourage you to look at the AFGE Facebook page and post your comments there. As always, we stand with OUR members and we will never be co-opted into AFGE’s way of thinking or their political activities. We find many of their statements and positions disgraceful and we often fail to see what much of it has to do with a labor union that should stick to LABOR issues.

Lastly, we realize that AFGE has been a hindrance to our membership recruiting and retention for many years. We strive to provide top-notch representation and legal service for our members to overcome AFGE’s negative effects. We will continue to do so.

Justice for BPA Brian Terry

December 9th, 2015

For five years, the family and friends of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and his co-workers have waited for this day. For five years, all have sought justice.

And today it happened. Both men who were convicted of 1st degree murder have been sentenced to life sentences and various other charges to run concurrent.

It is sad that it has taken five years for this to happen, but we are grateful to the Department of Justice and Tucson AUSA office for their diligent work in this case.

Local 2544 President DelCueto was present in the courtroom and stated “the room was full of men and women in uniform”

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BPA Mikeal Conners

October 30th, 2015

We were saddened by the news of the passing of  BPA Mikeal Conners.

BPA Conners was member of Class 322 and was assigned to the Tucson Sector Sonoita Station. By all accounts Agent Conners was a true leader at his station and was responsible for countless apprehensions and drug seizures. More importantly, his friends and co-workers stated that he was quick to help a fellow worker and was always willing to work the hours needed to get the job done.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time.


October 30th, 2015

Local 2544 joins other law enforcement associations in their boycott of Quentin Tarantino films in lieu of Mr. Tarantino’s comments towards Police officers. While Local 2544 supports the First Amendment and recognizes artistic creativity and expression, making baseless accusations that police officers are murderers is a slap in in the face to law-enforcement officers all across the country.

Sabotaged Union Verizon Plan

October 22nd, 2015

For several months now I have been negotiating a discount cellular phone plan with Verizon. The discount was similar to plans that other organizations had with Verizon which included unlimited data. The deal was finalized and would have been a huge benefit not just for Local 2544 members, but to all members of NBPC nationwide. We received information that the benefit plans that included unlimited data would no longer be available and unless those within the plan did not make any type of updates they not would lose the unlimited data.

At the time that this information was made aware to me, I immediately contacted Verizon and spoke to the account executive in charge of our plan. I spoke to him and explained the issue and concern I had with the unlimited data and wanted to verify that we would not be affected like the two police unions in Arizona. He assured me that our plan would not suffer the same effects that the others would and assured me that we would be able to continue with unlimited data for our members under our national plan. These assurances are verified both with texts and emails that were sent back and forth between the Verizon account representative and I.

Earlier this week there was a conference call with Verizon executives where I was informed that our plan would also be affected with the exact same changes (loss of unlimited plans, 10 month upgrades, etc.) Various questions were asked during this conference call that lasted approximately an hour and a half.  Verizon’s account executive informed me that he would get back to me after he was given time to contact other departments (compliance control) within the company to properly respond to the questions posed.

The next day we again spoke via conference call in which a Verizon executive told me that our national deal fell through because there had been issues and protest raised out of Arizona by another bargaining organization that was losing their current plan. This other organization had been aware of these changes for a year and was in the process of trying to salvage some benefits to their plan. When it was made aware to them that I negotiated an unlimited data plan nationwide their negotiating team confronted Verizon’s compliance team over our deal which caused Verizon to radically alter our national cell phone discount and causing us to lose the unlimited data plan in the process. This information is also verifiable through texts that were exchanged between the Verizon executive and I.

At no time did any member of Local 2544’s executive board or any member of the National Border Patrol Council withhold any information concerning any type of change regarding the plan. Furthermore, we did not intend for the plan to change at the eleventh hour and did very thorough due diligence with the Verizon representative to make sure this was indeed an unlimited data plan that would remain unaltered. We will move forward and try and ensure we get as many benefits to our members as possible. We remain dedicated to continue to serve and defend all of our members’ rights regardless of any rumors other organizations may spread in order to promote themselves. These organizations fall very short compared to the benefits that we provide. We will continue forward regardless of any obstacles that are put in our way by any organization that tries to compete yet can’t even provide their members basic representation during a critical incident.

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NWS emails going out today!

October 21st, 2015

The Aug. 17 solicitation for the Nationwide Swaps are going out today.

Please check your government email. You have to Oct. 30 @ 1600 est to respond.

This is not the offer, this email is only ensuring that you are still interested in the station you have been matched with. Once, the deadline passes all positive matches will be forwarded for vetting.

If the other person you have been paired with,  declines the offer; you will be notified of their declination. Your name will then be added to the remaining names. The Union will try one more time to find a match.

Good luck to all

Verizon Union Plan – update

October 21st, 2015

Yeaterday at 10:00pm we were asked to be on a conference call with Marcus Nelson, our point of contact with verizon. He called us to inform us that the naspo agreement is changing and that he was informed by compliance control that we would also be losing unlimited data and be undergoing the same changes as the other participants.

At this time if you are a member of Local 2544 we ask that you grandfather your plan in immediately with APA or the FOP. APA will grandfather plans until the October 30, 2015

We asked Marcus if there were any other unlimited data plans he could offer the entire union and he said absolutely not and that this all stems from compliance control at Verizon even after he guaranteed last week in writing that we would not be affected by any changes to our plan.

I apologize that this is now what we are left with after believing that our plan would not be affected. We asked Marcus if we would have the time to grandfather in plans under nbpc and he stated no new lines were to be added but would call us tomorrow with a final answer.

At this point my advice would be to grandfather in your plan anywhere you can in the Tucson sector to maintain your current plan.

To sign up with the Arizona Police Association please fill out these forms and e-mail them to






Verizon update for NBPC members

October 15th, 2015

At last night’s meeting in Sierra Vista we unveiled details of the Nation Border Patrol Council’s Verizon discount plan. As you may already know Local 2544 President Art Del Cueto has been negotiating a new Verizon discount plan over the past few months and was able to secure a nationwide plan that will be available for all AFGE union members that are incorporated under the National Border Patrol Council. The plan will go into effect shortly as Verizon trains a coordinator to process the accounts for Local 2544.

Some of the highlights of the NBPC Verizon Discount Plan are unlimited data plans on smartphones, shared minutes, and ten month upgrades. It has been a monumental accomplishment to secure this discount in light of the changes occurring to public safety discounts nationwide. We are planning to begin processing members to the national discount plan late this week or early next week. If you are currently a member of the Verizon discount plan under the Arizona Police Association we ask that you submit a new application to the Local 2544 Verizon coordinator. We will post the applications as soon as the coordinator is given access to grant accounts by Verizon. Please check daily for more developments on the Verizon discount.



Verizon Plan update

October 11th, 2015

On October 8, we notified by the Arizona Police Association that there are impending changes to the Verizon Discount Plan offered to agents belonging to the Local 2544 Union. The APA Verizon Coordinator stated to hold off on notifying member until their meeting with Verizon representatives on Tuesday, 10-13-15 to see if Verizon will back off on the changes.

We were notified that another labor organization will be undergoing the same changes to their Public Safety Association Verizon discount plan. With this news we believe that the Verizon discount plan changes will be inevitable with Verizon’s intent to make all Public Safety Association’s discount plan uniform across the board.

All members currently in Local 2544 need to grandfather in their discount plans by October 30, 2015. Any non-members that would like to join the union and grandfather in the plan (unlimited data, mobile hot spots, etc.) can submit a signed and dated 1187 directly to the Treasurer and have their Verizon applications approved immediately as we wait for human resources to process the member sign ups.

National Vice President Art Del Cueto was able to negotiate a Verizon Discount Plan last month for the National Border Patrol Council members nationwide. He will reach out to the Verizon representatives immediately and aggressively to keep the current plan nationwide without changes.

Senator McCain meets with Local 2544

October 5th, 2015

IMG_6943Last week, Sen. John McCain’s office reached  out to Local 2544 to discuss several issues, while the Senator was in Nogales Arizona. President Del Cueto started the meeting by discussing Tucson Sector’s Forward Operating Bases use within the Douglas, Tucson and Casa Grande Stations’ Area of Responsibility. Local 2544 brought forward many issues, including the use of manpower, health and safety, and cost of FOB operations. Executive Board members gave several examples of how manpower could be better utilized to enhance Border Patrol operations. Sen. McCain was very interested on ensuring the Border Patrol uses it’s Agents in programs that have a proven track record in slowing, if not stopping illegal aliens from crossing. Sen. McCain stated he would look more into the Forward Operation Bases.

Sen. McCain then inquired about the Border Patrol Pay Reform Act and the recent release of the OPM Guidelines, especially interpretations of the Canine Pay and the Alternative Work Schedule. Sen. McCain readily admitted that this would not be the first time the intent of the law, or bill, was manipulated by government agencies. He stated he would follow up with OPM and it’s interpretations. President Del Cueto stated he would get with NBPC President Brandon Judd and give the Senator talking points. Sen. McCain stated that while  BPAPRA was not all that the Union hoped for, it was all that Congress was willing to give at this time and the alternatives could have been much worse.

Manpower was a huge topic. Sen. McCain asked if more manpower was needed? We agreed, but the Executive Board pointed out that many times manpower is mis-used. The FOBs and GBOSS sites in Ajo were some of the examples given were the Border Patrol waste manpower in an effort to look good for DC.

We look forward to our future meetings with Sen. McCain and hope to resolve many of members’ issues.