Membership Notification: Special Meeting/Glock Giveaway

May 8th, 2017

Local 2544 will hold a Special meeting with NBPC President Brandon Judd. President Judd will be answering questions from the membership.

A Glock  23 will be given to a Union member at the end of the meeting. The member must be present to win*.


WHEN: May 23, 2017 (Tues) @ 5:30 pm

WHERE: 160 South Scott Ave, Tucson AZ

* Local Executive Board Officers are not eligible for the “Glock Giveaway”




Membership Notification: April meeting has been cancelled

April 4th, 2017

The April general  membership meeting has been cancelled and will be moved to May.


A date and location will be announced soon.

Know your rights

March 24th, 2017

In a recent decision by a Federal Deistrict Court, it has been decided that 8 questions given during critical incidents are covered under Garrity.

For further explanation, please get with a Local 2544 Steward.



Member Notification: Special Meeting

November 18th, 2016

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Get ready to work!

November 16th, 2016

Tucson Local 2544 President, Art Del Cueto, is interviewed about election night with Donald Trump.

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Tucson Agents gearing up

November 15th, 2016

Agent Manny Villalobos suits up for his night patrol along the international border between Mexico and the United States near San Diego

Tucson Sector Agents have begun deploying to the Rio Grande Valley to support that sector and deal with the current influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border. Almost three years too late, the Border Patrol is finally recognizing the amount of illegal crossings is overwhelming that Sector.

It is surprising that after three years of unprecedented illegal crossings in south Texas, it is only now, that the Border Patrol mobilizes additional Agents to assist that sector. Coincidentally, this mobilization happens at the same time Donald Trump wins the election.

But when Local 2544 met with the current head of the Border Patrol, Mark Morgan, he stated he didn’t just want to throw Agents at a situation and hopes it gets fixed. So why now the change of heart? Could it be that the political appointees, in CBP & DHS realize that we have an Administration that is serious about border security?


2544 Reps meet with Morgan

October 26th, 2016

Executive Board members met with the current head of the Border Patrol, Mark Morgan, as part of his continuing border tour. Union representatives were only given one hour to address the many issues that agents currently face.

President Del Cueto, immediately addressed FOB Operations and its impact on Agents and their families as well as staffing levels for certain TCA stations.

Mr. Morgan stated he would address the issues that were presented to him. We remain hopeful that the modus operandi has changed from prior Chiefs and will await on the agents issues being taken serious and addressed positively.


Verizon update 2016

October 4th, 2016

Dear members,

Please see the latest forms for the Verizon discount program offered through our affilition with the Arizona Police Association. The contact for the Verizon program is for submitting your contract forms. You can inquire about plans and pricing with APA through the same e-mail address.

Thank you.




Member Notification

September 28th, 2016

The October 12, 2016 General Membership meeting will be held at:

125 South 2nd St

Sierra Vista AZ 85635

Social media warning from our Attorney

August 11th, 2016

imageAgents need to exercise caution when participating in social media outlets. There have been a number of cases involving inappropriate posts that resulted in proposed discipline by the Service. Although afforded some protection by the First Amendment, social media posts are still subject to review by the Service to determine if there is a connection with a BPA’s job and, if so, whether such posts evidence a violation of policy. Some common problem areas:

•Posts that evidence a violation of law or policy,
•Posts that show the faces of BPAs or detainees
•Posts that publish Service policies, manuals, directives or other internal documents
•Posts displaying BP uniforms or insignia in a sexual manner, usually on dating sites
•Posts that publicize a previously unknown incident that is embarrassing to the Service
•Posts that express a bias or hatred to identifiable group

BP Management is of the opinion that beyond a handful of agents, such pages cannot be secured because there is no way to know who is being invited and who might be motivated to alert the media or an immigrant rights group. BP Managers also worry that BPAs can be impeached in court proceedings by their own social media postings. While sometimes funny, such postings can also be interpreted as evidencing a bias or worse against the groups encountered in the field. Union members should review the current CBP social media policy and they should act with caution when using social media. The question to ask: “What would happen if I hit the send button and the images and statements are made public?” As an NBPC lawyer, I can tell you that I’ve represented many agents who were put in the embarrassing situations by either a social media post or text message.

Be careful out there.

– Jim Calle