AZ Daily Star lowers the bar

Tim Stellar and the Arizona Daily Star Continue Their Rabid anti-Border Patrol Agent Bias

Anyone who has been around Tucson for an extended period of time knows that the Arizona Daily Star is an extreme left-wing “newspaper”. They have slanted their stories against hard working Border Patrol agents for decades.

Tim Stellar’s hit piece published on March 20, 2018 is just another example of the “journalism” that the Star puts out. Stellar questions whether jurors in the Lonnie Swartz trial can be “fair”. Sounds great until you realize that what he means by “fair” is that they convict Swartz for murder. Stellar has apparently made up his mind that Swartz is guilty as charged. Stellar continues by telling his readers that jurors in Tucson “have a long history of finding Border Patrol agents not guilty”. He goes back to a 1992 case and quotes a juror (twice for full sarcastic effect) who mangled a verb and said of former Border Patrol agent Mike Elmer, “He done what was proper in my book.” You can hear the drip, drip, drip of sarcasm in Stellar’s column. He portrays the juror as a moron who is not up to Stellar’s fine command of the English language. Stellar ends his column by repeating the same quote (just in case you didn’t catch the misused verb the first time).

Stellar also mentions the Nick Corbett case, a trial that some of us attended daily. The bottom line was that Nick Corbett did absolutely nothing wrong. It was a sorry excuse for a prosecution from the beginning and it was made even worse by some sorry excuses for “detectives” working for the Cochise County Sheriff at the time. They botched evidence and screwed up time and again. Cochise County hired former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods to prosecute Corbett…twice. Grant Woods has hated Border Patrol agents forever. He despises what we do and his nasty, vindictive demeanor and quotes during the Corbett trial about police officers carrying “throw down guns” to cover their crimes and then mocking Border Patrol agents because “they don’t even need that, they just need a rock” to cover their crimes. Both Corbett trials were a waste of taxpayer money. They besmirched the reputation of a good man, a Marine veteran and a fine Border Patrol agent. But we digress…

Stellar mocks Swartz for not responding to “levity” in the courtroom. How insightful. His life is on the line here, but let’s talk about “levity”. Had Swartz laughed or cracked a smile during the courthouse “levity” Stellar would have mocked him for smiling or laughing. You can’t win with people like Stellar no matter what you do. Stellar has never been rocked. He’s never worked a violent and dangerous border where you feel like you’re never supported properly and where you know the U.S. Attorney’s office will turn on you the first time something goes south.

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